My New Planning Obsession

I have a new goal to become more organized with my time, work, ideas… basically what goes on in my head so I 1) won’t forget some really good ideas (in my opinion only, so probably just something unimportant to everyone else :P) and 2) stay more productive. I’ve only been doing this for a week and definitely feeling the difference already

I’m completely obsessed with the whole idea of planning now that I’ve discovered the Midori Traveler’s Notebook and Filofax community online. They take a boring task of time management and turned it into a creative hobby. It is completely customizable so you can mold it to fit your lifestyle. These notebooks does air on the pricey side so I have yet to purchase one. Just trying to figure out a system before I splurge $50+ for a planner/notebook.

The pictures below is what my planner currently looks like. I bought a planner from OfficeMax and uncoiled the binding, put some washi tape on the edge and hole-punched the side to fit into my small 3-ring binder.

There is still a lot of work to complete this but I’m starting to figure out a system which will fit my style. I think I’ll keep this one to use for time and work project management, but I’d like to purchase two Midori (regular size and passport size) notebooks, one to use as my travel journal and a brain dump of random ideas, the passport size to use to track my spending or use as a wallet. Still not 100% on the passport size actually, I might opt out and use a pocket size filofax for it. We shall see!! 😀

I can’t wait till I have my planning system completely set up!




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