November in Review

Been MIA too much lately. I haven’t post as much as I wanted to and I need to make an effort to not allow this to happen again.

Overall, November has been a good month. Moved to DTLA so I have a 15 minute commute to work now. Work is looking up, I think I’m starting to get the hang of things. But at the same time I owe the environment to the people around me, they make it so enjoyable and delightful.

Didn’t swim or read at all this month, something for me to do more often in December.

I managed to stay up to date on my timesheet, not eat out as much, and tracked my expenses diligently in my Filofax (which I’m obsessed with!!). Even though I didn’t post as often, swim, or read I still think this month was a success. 🙂

On a side note, the weather has been incredibly hot. I have never spent any Thanksgiving in over 70 degrees heat before. I think the weather is changing and SoCal will soon have a desert climate. I sure hope this doesn’t happen though. I miss the crisp moist air of fall.

Some November Pics

pork blood noodle soup *yum!* / commute to work / hotel in SD / starbucks holiday cups (xmas is here!!) / $4 pumpkin burger from umami (t’as interesting) / cozy night at home reading / my beloved filofax / homemade filofax dividers / blue pumps from black friday shopping (<3)

pic13022pic23271pic08932pic27384pic22296 pic12993pic22428pic06540pic18087

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