Traveling Solo and Packing List for France

I’m going to France for a month! The more I travel the more I try to pack light. In the past, I always over-packed because I always had the luxury of getting picked up door to door. When I went to China, I limited myself to a carry-on and a backpack for two weeks. This time I decided to only pack a backpack for a month. I’ve read on various blogs the benefits of traveling light and I want to try this for myself. Packing light will give me more flexibility and mobility and that is exactly what I need if I am to travel solo. I’ve also accounted for souvenirs though and that is why I am also bring an empty cross body day bag.

This will also be my first time traveling solo and not just for the flight. My entire trip will be solo. I’ve wanted to do a trip like this for some time now. I want to learn more about myself and see how I will handle situations without someone to fall back on or a comfort zone to fall into. I want to allow myself some personal space to think. I want to explore a new side of me. But most importantly, I’m just looking for an adventure.

Here’s a video showing you my comprehensive packing list. Hope you enjoy and also hope this inspires you to just go travel! See you in France!

My “home” for the next month


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