Reliving Bordeaux

I’ve been back for a little over a week now and setting back into “reality”. I wanted to blog as I was traveling so that my memories were fresh in my mind. However, I was battling the desire to explore, and in the end, this desire won over me. Hence, I am reliving my Bordeaux experience now.

But that’s not the only reason it took me a month after I was in Bordeaux to finally write a blog post about it. Truth is, I’m suffering from “writer’s” block, quoted because I’d hardly consider myself a writer, and especially not a good writer. After the initial excitement of being in a new country, “reality” became traveling for me, and so traveling became routine. After my morning croissants and espressos, I would look through my guidebook and plan out that day’s activity. That became my routine and routines are hard to appreciate.

That’s not to say I didn’t have the time of my life! I’m nostalgic now as I think about strolling around St. Michel square and Rue Catherine. The morning walks on the Pont de Pierre into the city beats sitting in traffic on the 405. The reflection pool near the Garonne river could have been a portal to Alice in Wonderland for all I knew. Like an aged Bordeaux, Bordeaux itself aged well over time. Every wall, every alley, every town square exuded medieval magic from the era it came from. Every step was a step back in time and into a fairy tale. (Can you tell I walked a lot? lol)

I also have to mention my airbnb hosts in Bordeaux for their hospitality and generosity! I stayed in a city called Cenon, about 2 miles outside of Bordeaux and about a 10 minute tram ride into the city. I had my own private back house with its own private entrance. Coffee and tea were always provided. They even invited me to their dinner parties where we talked about the differences between French and American culture. They taught me French phrases, which I’ve forgotten by now, and told me about their lives while I told them a little about mine. There’s no hostels in Bordeaux, so if you visit, I highly recommend staying with them!! <<>>

Bordeaux gets a big thumbs up from me with its caneles, wine, and oysters to delight in and its medieval cathedrals and architecture to travel back in time with.

PS – Bring a jacket in May. Bordeaux’s weather is quite fickle no matter what the weather forecast say 🙂



Bordeaux Cathedral




Above the bell was a former prison cell


Pont de Pierre


The Reflection Pool



Rum filled delights – Canele

All photos taken with my Sony DSC-HX50V/B

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