SF Beginnings

So I have a bit of catching up to do here. Obviously I didn’t get finish blogging my France trip (which is still in my backlog to do). But since then I’ve also been to Portland, Vancouver, and Seattle (twice!) I hate to be one of those who makes excuses for slacking, but the truth is, I have been extremely busy. These post will come soon because I use this space as a mean to document my trips.

A lot has changed with my life and I feel like the life I lived just 6 months ago was from a different lifetime… Since coming back to the States after my solo France trip I’ve moved to San Francisco and started a new job.
I’m still settling into my new life and with Christmas around the corner please bare with me on my sporadic posts.

Some visuals of my new life in the Bay šŸ™‚

IMG_4374 IMG_4609 IMG_4749 IMG_4756 IMG_5370
Promise to not takeĀ another few months to post again!

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