Halong Bay

I had a little computer scare yesterday. My computer wouldn’t turn on and I kept on getting an error message about my hard-drive. For a moment, I thought I lost all my travel pictures over the past 3 years and got really sad. Luckily my boyfriend knows a thing or two about computers and he somehow got my computer to turn on again. But I spent some time uploading files to Dropbox, just in case.

We arrived in Hoi An last night. Our flight was delayed by 6 hours so we were kind of bummed we missed out on almost a day’s worth of exploration in Hoi An. But we did get to spend more time in Hanoi and ventured to other parts of the city that we did not get to go to as well as buy souvenirs for friends and family. I got my little sister a Little Prince tote bag hoping she keeps her childlike innocence and dreams.

Anyway, we were in Halong Bay for two days. We loved it. We booked a two day one nights tour with Paradise Junk Cruise. I wanted to splurge a bit since this was a birthday gift for myself so we decided to book the luxury cabin with a balcony. I think we paid a little more than what was advertised all around Hanoi but I really felt like our experience was worth every penny because our price included a round trip shuttle ride, all our meals were taken cared of, a tour around Sung Sot Cave, kayaking, and they help you get your visa to the country for only $10. In the US, a single entry visa is $80.

I wish the weather was clearer but the mist from the cloud and water gave Halong Bay quite an eerie tranquil feel – very peaceful, very beautiful.




Halong Seabass








Local villagers on canoes selling snacks and drinks.



The next couple days we will be in Hoi An for the lantern festival. The weather is warmer down here so we’re excited for that!

All photos taken with my Sony DSC-HX50V/B

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