Vietnam Itinerary

In t-minus 7 days my boyfriend and I will be traveling in Vietnam for 2 weeks. We’re flying out on 3/14/16 and coming back on 3/26/16. We’re only traveling around Northern Vietnam because we wanted to take it slow and fully experience each place we visit.


March 15 – Land in Hanoi

March 16-17 – Hanoi

March 18-19 – Halong Bay

March 20-23 – Hoi An (lantern festival)

March 24 – Sleeper Train back to Hanoi

March 25 – Fly to South Korea

March 26 – Seoul

March 27 (26 in the US) – Arrive back in SF

The weather forecast looks promising with only small drizzles for a couple days throughout the trip 🙂

Weather Forecast

It’s still a week away and I haven’t even packed yet but my mind is already thinking about museums to visit, Vietnamese coffee, tropical sunshine, and the endless amount of food we’re going to gorge on while we’re there! 😀

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