New York City and Reflection of 2016

As we ring in the new year I am reflecting on 2016 and all that has happened. We all had our ups and downs this year and we all had different experiences that helped us grow at an individual, professional and/or spiritual level. I’m sure my 2016 is very different from yours or everyone else, but one thing for certain is that 2016 was one crazy year.

Without going into details of my personal life, 2016 had taught me to let go of my pride, how to love myself and those I care about unconditionally. 2016 has been a good year for me professionally and I have reached one of my professional milestones. But I still feel I did not push myself enough and for 2017 I am going to push myself harder to progress further towards the career and life that I want.

At a social level, we, in the US, experienced one of the most controversial elections ever. I feel the country is more divided now than ever and that is a little worrisome. But one experience in 2016 has restored all my faith for the future.



It was during Thanksgiving about a month ago when I went to New York to visit one of my best friend. He lives in Morningside Heights so every morning we took the 1 train into Midtown to explore the Big Apple.



He took me to Columbus Square, Soho and the World Trade Center; I explored Bryant Park, Greenwich Village, Chelsea Market and The Met by myself. I can go on and on listing out the things I did in New York but one story stood out from this trip and I am once again reminded of the human kindness we all possess.

World Trade Center


When he had to go to Church on Sunday afternoon, I decided to get all my Christmas shopping done. Strolling through shops after shops I carelessly left my phone at one either Top Shop, Uniqlo, Bryant Park Holiday Market or Starbucks. Where exactly? I couldn’t tell you.



It wasn’t until I reached for my phone to take a picture of the Christmas decorations at Sak’s 5th Avenue did I realize I didn’t have it…

O no, where did I leave it? O no, I’m not going to get it back. O no!!! I’M SO SCREWED!!!! Those thoughts washed over me and I was panic-stricken. I rushed back to Uniqlo through the sea of crowd and start searching for a needle of my phone in the hay stack that is the Uniqlo store on 5th Avenue.


“Do you have this in a XL?” asked a middle aged Brooklyn man as I rummaged through flannel shirts.

“She does not work here!!” replies his wife in a captivating Polish accent.

“Have you guys seen a rose gold iPhone 7?” I ask helplessly.

With that single question the Polish stranger takes out her phone and tells me to dial my number.

“Okay, it’s ringing. Let’s go walk around to see if we can find it” she says.

I was dejected at this point. There is no way I’m going to get this phone back . There is just no way. I’ve lost my phone. I’ve lost my method of communication while I was traveling. But her hopefulness gave me hope and suddenly she says “someone picked up!”

She gives me her phone and the person on the other side sets up a place for us to meet. Apparently I left it at Starbucks and not at Uniqlo. She would wait for me there and she was wearing a pink scarf. I thanked the couple who helped me in Uniqlo, offered to pay for their item which they refused, and with that we parted ways.

My heart was touched and with all that has happened in 2016 this random act of kindness from multiple strangers in New York City has served as a much needed reminder of the kindness and compassion we each possess. 🙂

The future is bright indeed and I can’t wait to see what 2017 have in store for me! ♥

Being a Tourist



All photos taken with iPhone 7

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