IKEA Spice Rack Hack

This IKEA spice rack is PERFECT for a pegboard organizer! Not sure if IKEA made it this way intentionally but if they did they are a genius! It’s really easy and literally only takes 5 minutes; you’ll probably spend more time standing in line at IKEA than putting this together.

5 minutes of your time to stay organized? That’s almost too good to be true but it’s true! 😛

Here’s how 🙂

  • A screwdriver
  • 1 Bekväm spice rack from IKEA ($4)
  • 1/4 inch machine screw with bolts – I bought the round head ones but I would suggest flat heads if possible

  1. Assemble the Bekväm spice rack
  2. Unscrew the metal thingy off
  3. Place the machine screws in and secure the metal thingy back on
  4. Screw into place
  5. Secure into pegboard

It’s that easy and fast! I decided to put my tiny flower vase there so our cat doesn’t get to it.

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