Norwegian by Night by Derek B. Miller

My boyfriend and I picked up a copy of Norwegian by Night when we were in Seattle back in October 2015 from a super cool bookstore called Elliot Bay. We were drawn to it because it was set in Norway, one of our top destinations to visit!

The protagonist is a Jewish American Korean War veteran name Sheldon who moved to Norway when his wife, Mabel, passed away to live with his granddaughter who had just moved there with her husband. A tragic and violent event happens while he was home alone and he had to escape with a young boy. Us, as readers, are then taken with them on their journey to find safety. Throughout you see glimpse of Sheldon’s past and experience it in a through his dementia with scattered story lines throughout.

It was actually quite difficult to get into for us and the literary style was not my cup of tea. However, Miller does brings up interesting points about the perception of time and the concept of aging. Aging is an uncomforting thought for many of us because it is the unknown. Ironically it discuss how only through aging do we truly start living in the present rather than live for an imaginative future. But what kind of present? A present with physical limitations? Aging also makes you fearless because there is not much of a future left. I think Miller used this method to tell us to seized the day now while we can!

We were also taken on a inner journey of a dying man’s wishes for self-atonement and forgiveness. With life, it is important to bring closure to regrets for the soul to know peace.

Favorite Sentences

Disclaimer: I did not write any of these quotes, these are merely my favorite quotes from Norwegian by Night written by Derek B. Miller

If Peter Pan shows up, just go.

 *** *** *** *** ***
It was just that one small favor, one peculiar but insignificant request, has morphed into larger ones.

 *** *** *** *** ***

If every recollection, every so-called fact, is not real, then at least the emotions are,
and they come from memories that have been torn from life.